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for Student's Friend Part 2, 1500 to the present

When Joel Allen was a new teacher struggling to cover the massive content in a standard history textbook, he discovered the Student's Friend concise narrative of world history. Joel found that using the Student's Friend improved student comprehension and gave him more time to incorporate meaningful and interesting learning activities in his curriculum.

Joel adopted teaching tools from this website, and he developed many other activities on his own including PowerPoint lessons, document-based questions, video clips, and primary source documents. Joel has graciously offered to share his teaching materials with other teachers via the Student's Friend website.

Over time, Joel refined and expanded his curriculum, and he no longer uses every exercise listed below every time he teaches a world history class.

By way of background, Joel holds a bachelor's degree in history and a master's degree in professional education. He began his teaching career at Northeast High School in Goose Lake, Iowa before moving to the Wahlert Catholic High School in Dubuque. He is married, the father of two boys, an avid wrestling coach, and Machu Picchu is the highlight of his travels.

User Notes:

File formats: Most of Joel's materials are in the following file formats:

     .doc or .docx - Microsoft Word

     .pptx - Microsoft PowerPoint

     .pdf - portable document file

     .mov - movie

Unit designations: Joel refers to his teaching unts as Units 1 through 6, which correspond to units 7 through 12 in the Student's Friend Part 2 (1500 to the present).

Copyrighted material: Like other good teachers, Joel has collected teaching materials from many sources.  We have endeavored to eliminate from this listing any commercial material that the owner might not wish to distribute freely to teachers for educational purposes.  Should a copyright holder desire to have material removed, please advise us at contactsf@studentsfriend.com.