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Beginning of course class packet

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SF world map     


     Video story board

     Course organizer

     Unit Organizer

     Video permission slip

Exams and tests

     For unit exams and pre/post tests, see note above

     Power standards


     SF Part 2 docx

     SF Part 2 pdf


    Research Paper

          Research Paper Instructions pdf file or MS Word file

          First-draft feedback pdf file or MS Word file

          Research paper scoring, two options pdf

     DBQ (document-based question) scoring

     5-paragraph essay pdf file or MS Word file

     In-text citations, pdf file or MS Word file


          Plagiarism warning, big print for projector, pdf

          Plagiarism exercise, annotated pdf

          Plagiarism exercise, student version, pdf file

          Plagiarism parental notice, pdf file or MS Word file

Unit 1 (SF Unit 7)

1500s and 1600s: The Early Modern World

Articles about:

     Christopher Columbus, tyrant, docx

     Slave trade, docx

     Martin Luther and antisemitism, docx

     Tokugawa warrior puppets, docx

Document-based questions

     Scientific revolution, docx

     European views of natives, pdf



     Columbian Exchange, docx

     Martin Luther editorial, pdf

     Protestant Reformation, docx

     Reformation causes, pdf

     Printing press, pdf

     Current scientific revolution, docx

     Next scientific revolution, docx



     Protestant Reformation

          Propaganda commercial, pdf

          Propaganda commercial rubric, doc


     Lesson 1.1 - Introduction to class

     Lesson 1.2 - Columbus and the conquest of the Americas

     Lesson 1.3 - The Columbian Exchange

     Lesson 1.4 - African slave trade, joint stock comanies

     Lesson 1.5 - New Spain, Qing Dynasty

     Lesson 1.6 - Peter the Great

     Lesson 1.7 - Counter-Reformation

     Lesson 1.8 - Gutenberg and Protestan Revolution

     Lesson 1.9 - Elizabeth I

     Lesson 1.10 - Wars of Religion, Divine right monarchs

Primary sources

     Columbian exchange


     Peter the Great

     Peter the Great reforms


     1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 1.5

Study guide


Teaching article

     Discovering Columbus


     Columbian Exchange

     Atlantic slave trade

Unit 2 (SF Unit 8)

1700s: Enlightenment and Revolution

Document-based questions

     Adam Smith

     French Revolution

          Primary source


          The Revolution


     Enlightenment test essay

Graphic organizers

     Venn diagram


     Lesson 2.1 - Enlightenment

     Lesson 2.2 - Liberal revolutions

     Lesson 2.3 - French Revolution, Reign of Terror

     Lesson 2.4 - Napoleon, Neoclassical art & music

     Lesson 2.5 - Horatio Nelson, Haiti

     Lesson 2.6 - Napoleon's invasion of Russia

     Lesson 2.7 - Simon Bolivar, British Parliament

     Lesson 2.8 - Catherine the Great, Mughal Empire

     Lesson 2.9 - Gunpowder empires, Song lyric project

Primary sources

     French Revolution economics

     Mary Wollstonecraft vs Rousseau

     Napoleon, women's rights




     Catherine the Great


          Background info

          Essay Rubric

     Reign of terror

     Song lyrics project


     2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4, 2.5, 2.6

     Mid-Unit 2 quiz

     Unit 2 quiz

Study guide

Video clips

     French Revolution


          Humorous French Revolution

          French Revolution in song

          Viewing guide


          Napoleon in Russia

          Napoleon returns

     Humorous Horatio Nelson

     Simon Bolivar


Audio clip

     Catherine the Great, setting the story straight

Unit 3 (SF Unit 9)

1800s: Industrial Revolution and Imperialism

Document-based questions

     Capitalism vs communism

     Industrial revolution

     Spanish-American War

Study guide/exams

     Study guide

     Exams: see note above


     White man's burden

     Industrial revolution Webquest

     Industrial revolution Webquest differentiated

     DBQ imperialism

     DBQ industrial revolution

     Imperialism question


     Lesson 3.1 - Invasion of Russia

     Lesson 3.2 - Socialism

     Lesson 3.3 - Impressionism

     Lesson 3.4 - Nationalism

     Lesson 3.5 - Imperialism

     Lesson 3.6 - Australia, Opium War

     Lesson 3.7 - Meiji, Crimean War

     Lesson 3.8 - Scramble for Africa

     Lesson 3.9 - Spanish-American War

Primary sources

     General Zixu letter

     Maine explosion

     Meiji restoration

     Spanish-American War inquiry

     Charge of the Light Brigade

     White Man's Burden poem


     Unit 3 game rubric

     Game debriefing


     3.1, 3.2, 3.3


     Child labor

     Conservative vs liberal

     Intro to Impressionism


     Colonialism in 10 minutes

     Courage and honor-Reflections on Charge of the Light Brigade poem

     History of the British Empire

     Mary Secole and Florence Nightingale

     Florence Nightingale in the Crimea

     Opium use in China

     Sepoy mutiny

     Sepoy rebellion

     The Rising: India's mutiny

     Spanish-American War

     Charge of the Light Brigade


Unit 4 (SF Unit 10)

1900 - 1950: World at War



     Word War I PBS

     World War II letter


DBQ test

     Hiroshima, Nagasaki


     Atomic Bomb

Exam: see note above


     Lesson 4.1 - World War I

     Lesson 4.2 - Trench warfare simulation

     Lesson 4.3 - Simulation

     Lesson 4.4 - Lusitania

     Lesson 4.5 - Treaty of Versailles

     Lesson 4.6 - Communism

     Lesson 4.7 - Social reform laws, Great Depression

     Lesson 4.8 - Fascism & mass culture

     Lesson 4.9 - Totalitarianism

     Lesson 4.10 - Spanish Civil War, Rape of Nanking

     Lesson 4.11- Appeasement

     Lesson 4.12 - Blitzkrieg

     Lesson 4.13 - Holocaust, Invasion of Russia

     Lesson 4.14 - Hiroshima

     Map of WWII

Primary sources


     Trench rats

     Cinderella man

     Cinderella man primary sources

     Judging appeasement

     What is totalitarianism?


     Student choice board

     Film unit project

     Inquiry-based lesson, Nanking massacre

     Film analysis, mass culture, docx

     Film analysis, mass culture, pdf

     Video permission slip


     4.1, 4.2, 4.3, 4.4, 4.5

     Mid-unit 4


      Versailles simulation

          Photos of Clemenceau Wilson, and Lloyd-George

     Alliances Simulation

          Public information, world situation summary


          Agreement chart

          Alliances chart

          Country questions

          Decision chart

          Closure questions

Note: Several elements of this simulation are confidential; that is, information held by one country is not meant to be seen by other countries. Consequently, these elements do not appear here. For more information. please contact the simulation's creator Alan Lane at http://www.asn.am/fof/home/contact.php.


     Causes of World War I

     Frightful First World War

     Treaty of Versailles video


     Stutka siren original and movie version   

     D-Day, Saving Private Ryan

     Hiroshima bombing

     North Korea - A state of mind    


Unit 5 (SF Unit 11)

1950 to the Present: Cold War and Space Age


     Berlin airlift

     13 Days learning guide

     13 Days assignment

     Silent debate

     Cold War, space race

Exam: see note above


     Lesson 5.1 - Independence movements

     Lesson 5.2 - People's Republic

     Lesson 5.3 - Berlin

     Lesson 5.4 - Containment, Vietnam

     Lesson 5.5  - Proxy wars

     Lesson 5.6 - Nuclear arms race, space age

     Lesson 5.7 - Collapse of the Soviet Union

Vietnam era song

          Analysis lesson A

          Analysis lesson B

          "Eve of Destruction" lyrics

Primary sources

     Cold War lesson

     Cold War DBQ


     5.1, 5.2, 5.3, 5.4



     Ghandi non-violence

     Dr. King non-violence

     Churchill's Iron Curtain

     Marshall Plan

     Truman Doctrine and Containment

     Duck and cover

     Cuban Missile Crisis

     13 Days viewing guide

     13 Days learning guide


Document-based questions

     Cold War DBQ 1

     Cold War DBQ 2

     Cold War 5-paragraph essay

Unit 6 (SF Unit 12)

Current Issues: A Changing World Order


     Letter to Congress doc

     Letter to Congress pdf

     Events of 9-11

     9-11 terrorist attacks

Exam: see note above

Viewing guide

     Hotel Rwanda


     Lesson 6.1 - NWO deliberation

     Lesson 6.2 - China, globalism

     Lesson 6.3 - Poverty

     Lesson 6.4 - Latin America, Africa

     Lesson 6.5 - Ethnic conflict

     Lesson 6.6 - Iran

     Lesson 6.7 - Terrorism, Iraq

     Lesson 6.8 - Arab Spring, capitalism

     Lesson 6.9 - Democracy, environment

     Globalism discussion, pdf


     6.1, 6.2, 6.3, 6.4


     Nuclear proliferation debate

     Preventive war

     Iran policy options

     Ravaged village in Serbia


     Rwanda genocide

     2003 President Bush, Iraq

     Arab spring protests

     CIA coup in Guatemala

     Campaign contributions, "The Billionaire's Game"

     End poverty

     Boom and bust economics

     Oklahoma City bombing

     North Korea rocket

     Population growth

     Clinton on Kosovo

     September 11, 2001

Document-based questions

     Comprehensive essay, technology.docx

     Comprehensive essay, technology.pdf

     Unit 6 essay outline


Regent's essay

     New York Regent's exam and essay on belief systems

     New York Regent's exam and essay on influence of leaders

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Joel Allen and boys

Joel Allen's Curriculum

Teaching materials

for Student's Friend Part 2, 1500 to the present

When Joel Allen was a new teacher struggling to cover the massive content in a standard history textbook, he discovered the Student's Friend concise narrative of world history. Joel found that using the Student's Friend improved student comprehension and gave him more time to incorporate meaningful and interesting learning activities in his curriculum.

Joel adopted teaching tools from this website, and he developed many other activities on his own including PowerPoint lessons, document-based questions, video clips, and primary source documents. Joel has graciously offered to share his teaching materials with other teachers via the Student's Friend website.

Over time, Joel refined and expanded his curriculum, and he no longer uses every exercise listed below every time he teaches a world history class.

By way of background, Joel holds a bachelor's degree in history and a master's degree in professional education. He began his teaching career at Northeast High School in Goose Lake, Iowa before moving to the Wahlert Catholic High School in Dubuque. He is married, the father of two boys, an avid wrestling coach, and Machu Picchu is the highlight of his travels.

User Notes:

File formats: Most of Joel's materials are in the following file formats:

     .doc or .docx - Microsoft Word

     .pptx - Microsoft PowerPoint

     .pdf - portable document file

Unit designations: Joel refers to his teaching unts as Units 1 through 6, which correspond to units 7 through 12 in the Student's Friend Concise World History, Part 2 (1500 to the present).

Copyrighted material: Like other good teachers, Joel has collected teaching materials from many sources.  We have endeavored to eliminate from this listing any commercial material that the owner might not wish to distribute freely to teachers for educational purposes.  Should a copyright holder desire to have material removed, please advise us at contactsf@studentsfriend.com.