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The Student's Friend concise history of the world and online world history textbook.

If used in place of a standard textbook, the Student's Friend leaves more time in the curriculum to consider important ideas and issues and for in-depth learning activities such as projects, investigations, source analysIs, and simulations.

Downloads are available in pdf and MS Word formats. The online version may be used as an online history textbook, also termed a digital textbook or an electronic textbook.

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The Student's Friend: a concise history ot the world and world history textbook

Part 1: Prehistory through 1500

Part 2: 1500 to the Present

The Student's Friend: a concise history ot the world and world history textbook.

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The Student's Friend

Concise World History

The Student's Friend is a concise narrative of significant events, people, places, and concepts of world history. It is available in book form, as a free download, or it may be viewed online and used as an e-textbook.

Unlike traditional textbooks that can overwhelm the reader with countless facts to absorb, this concise narrative is meant to highlight the most important developments of world history in a clear and concise manner that is capable of being comprehended by the human mind.

Now available in book format.

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