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The Student's Friend concise history of the world and online world history textbook.

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About the Student's Friend Concise World History


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This online version may be used in classrooms as an online textbook, also termed an electronic textbook or digital textbook.

Student's Friend Part 1: Prehistory to 1500

Unit 1 - Overview, Basic Concepts, Prehistory

Unit 2 - Ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt

Unit 3 - Ancient India and China

Unit 4 - Ancient Greece and Rome

Unit 5 - Early Middle Ages: 500 to 1000

Unit 6 - Late Middle Ages: 1000 to 1500

Student's Friend Part 2: 1500 to Present

Unit 7 - 1500s and 1600s: The Early Modern World

Unit 8 - 1700s: Enlightenment and Revolution

Unit 9 - 1800s: Industrialism and Imperialism

Unit 10 - 1900 to 1950: World at War

Unit 11 - 1950 to Present: Cold War and Space Age

Unit 12 - Current Issues: A Changing World Order



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To see maps of the locations featured in each unit, refer to the online version above.)


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Part 1, Prehistory to 1500

Part 2, 1500 to the present


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Download the Student's Friend in MS Word format:

Part 1, Prehistory to 1500

Part 2, 1500 to the present

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The Student's Friend: a concise history ot the world and world history textbook