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Jan. 2002, Kiri, returning teacher, Pennsylvania

I like the idea of having a carefully chosen framework, which can then be brought to life in a variety of ways. Thank you for the clarity, simplicity and collegiality of your text and site. Finding it felt right away like arriving "home" after a frustrating journey through weighty, cumbersome texts (limited in vision as the Cyclops).

April 2002, Mark, high school teacher, California

Thank you for a fantastic resource! I look forward to using this guide in my 10th grade world history course and my AP world history course as well.

July, 2002, Frieda, high school teacher, Colorado

The idea of teaching from our text made me sick. I found your website tonight and couldn't believe what it contained—just what I needed!  I plan to use your material as much as I can.

May 2003, Michael, teacher, New York state

The year is coming to an end, and I've used the Student's Friend for the first time and with great success...and have even shared [it] with another teacher from a neighboring district who is teaching Global History in summer school.

Dec. 2003, Mike, new teacher, Tennessee

Student's Friend is the single most innovative approach I've seen to teaching in some time. Your approach of removing the unnecessary details and keeping those things that make world history and geography interesting are what makes Student's Friend incredible. It allows the students to absorb a particular theme, reflect on it, and make a judgment call on what might be in the future.

Jan. 2004, Carol, university instructor, Kentucky

I am planning to use your wonderful text again this semester; my students raved about it. They felt it dealt with interesting and necessary topics without trying to give them too much information. They enjoyed the opportunity to discover things for themselves and to challenge conventional thinking.

March, 2009, Samirah, homeschool teacher, Yemen

I have children entering the high school level in our homeschooling, and I am planning on using your material more consistently now as a full course. Resources like this make the job much easier. As it is difficult to find/buy educational materials here (and expensive to have them shipped).  I truly appreciate your offering this for free via the web.

Dec. 2010, Joel, first-year teacher, Iowa

World History is such a hard class to teach. After the first semester, I feel like I accomplished little. The textbooks we use are just all over the place, and my students are struggling. I found your website, and I knew that Student's Friend was the way I need to go second semester.

Dec. 2010, Tefel, veteran teacher, California

I really love "Student's Friend." This is the second year that I have used it for my World History class and I've found it provides a wonderful pace and framework for my class. My students really appreciate it, too! For many years, I have felt dissatisfied and sometimes quite aggravated with traditional textbooks. When I found your site, I knew right away that this was how I wanted to teach my class.

April 2011, Ryan, new teacher, Texas

     I wish I had discovered your great resource earlier in the year, but better late than never. I plan to use it to help students build up and review knowledge and connections in preparation for the AP World History exam. I will also likely use it early and often next year.

     It's great for students of history to be able to absorb well-written small chunks to start to get that big picture before being overwhelmed with the details.  The Stearns textbook I used this year ate my students' lunch (the ones that even read it).  

June 2016, Tom, homeschool teacher, Florida

I have struggled to accept any of the history teaching texts [I've seen] as sufficient to properly teach history, as I want my children to learn from it.   Your work is the ideal framework to build a curriculum around...Introduce the topic, event, age; offer a brief narrative, and then push the student to explore. I salute your project here; it is outstanding!

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