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Future-Focused History, the commensense idea that knoledge of the past can inform judgment in the future

"Historical learning should be less a pointless exercise in temporarily memorizing trivial facts for the next exam, and more a quest for important knowledge from the past that can inform judgment in the future." From the Introduction, p. 1     917

"Any society that has developed the capacity to destroy most life on earth needs all the good judgment it can get, and there is no better place to seek it than in the long record of human experience." From the Introduction, p. 1     817

"A  conflict at the heart of history education prevents it from functioning effectively: History is about the past, but eduction is about the future."  From the Introduction, p. 1     717

"Historians and educators have very different jobs to perform. The role of historians is to describe events from the past; the role of educators is to prepare students for the future." From the Introduction, p. 1     917

"Because educators have relied on historians to set the agenda for history schooling, history education looks very much like history: a large collection of one-time events from the past." From the Introduction, p.2     917

"History is unique among school subjects in that it has no general principles of knowledge to impart. Without principles useful in the future, history is unable to fulfill the purpose of education the way other school subjects do, and the cycle of historical ignorance can repeat indefinitely." From the Introduction, p.2     717

"Without a coherent purpose to guide instruction, history education is a rudderless ship adrift at sea with no destination in mind. It's exceedingly difficult to succeed at an endeavor when you don't know what that endeavor is tying to accomplish." From Chapter 2, p. 20     817

"History education naturally flows to trivia, like water naturally flows downhill [producing] a flood of information too great to be assimilated by human minds and too superficial to be of much use." From Chapter 3, p. 27     617

"Trivial content is crippling history education, and thinking skills can't save it." From Chapter 4, p. 37

"A great many people may have died due to the lack of useful knowledge that we get from history education." From Chapter 5, p. 65     918

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Future Focused History Teaching: Restoring the Power of Historical Learning

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