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Blank outline maps and more

We have developed three essential, high-quality, blank outline maps to accompany Part 1 and Part 2 of the Student's Friend, a concise narrative of world history that is available free on this website. Click here.

Two maps are available for Part 1

(prehistory to 1500):

-Map of the world without political boundaries.

-Map of the Eastern Hemisphere without political boundaries.  Rivers associated with early river valley civilizations are shown.


One map is available for Part 2

(1500 to the present):

-Map of the contemporary world with political boundaries.

Directions: The above maps are in pdf format.  When printing, you might wish to set your printer to landscape format, high-quality print mode, and 100% size to produce high-quality masters for making student copies.  

These are high-resolution maps with large file sizes that might take some time to download depending on your connection speed.


Additional maps from other sources:

Two outline maps with political boundaries from National Geographic:

-World map

-Asia map

Outline maps from the Florida Geographic Alliance:

-World map

-Cradles of civilization: Egypt, Mesopotamia, India, China

-Africa political

-North Africa and Southwest Asia

-Europe political

-Latin America political

-North America political

Additional maps from the Florida Geographic Alliance:

-Africa vegetation with Sahara Desert

-Pre-columbian cultures: Aztec, Maya, Inca

-Caribbean, West Indies, with countries identified

-South America with countries and major cities

Maps from the University of Texas:

-World political map in color

-1598 map of the world

-The Muslim world with Sunni and Sh'ia areas identified

Scads of maps are available from WorldAtlas.com

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