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Future Focused History: the Book

knowledge from the past that can inform judgment in the future.

Any society that has developed the capacity to destroy most life on earth needs all the good judgment it can get, and there is no better place to seek it than in the long record of human experience."

-From the Introduction

(For more on knowledge useful in the future, see:

The Discovery That Could Change History Schooling.

"This book is intended for people who care about history and believe that history education should be less a pointless exercise in temporarily memorizing trivial facts for the next exam, and more a quest for important

About the author

Mike Maxwell served with the U.S. army in Vietnam, worked as a broadcast journalist, managed an inner-city public housing project, taught history in a small town in southwest Colorado, and has operated the Student's Friend website for history teachers since 2001.


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Chapter 1: Getting emotional about history

Chapter 2: Five basic problems of history education

Chapter 3: Who is to blame for the trivia game?

Chapter 4: Hard times for history education


Chapter 5: Useful kinds of historical knowledge

Chapter 6: Cognition and the grand assumption

Chapter 7: Principles of history education

Chapter 8: How useful is history schooling?

Chapter 9: Threats to judgment: ignorance and bias

Chapter 10: Taking the vision to school

Epilogue: The dance of destiny

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Read the first chapter of the book:

"Getting Emotional About History"