Blank outline maps

We have developed three essential blank outline maps to accompany Part 1 and Part 2 of the Student's Friend. (The Student's Friend is a concise outline of world history that may be used in place of a traditional textbook; it is available free on this website.)

The two maps to be used with Part 1 are:
- a map of the world without political boundaries and
- a map of the Eastern Hemisphere without boundaries. The Eastern Hemisphere map shows rivers associated with major ancient civilizations.

The map to be used with Part 2 of the Student's Friend is an outline map of the contemporary world with political boundaries.

Depending on your connection speed, these maps may take several moments to download, but these maps are meant to be high-quality masters from which overhead transparencies and student copies can be made.

Also available on this page are three useful maps from the University of Texas. These are copyright-free maps that have been modified by Additional outline maps and map resources are also available on this website: click here.

The maps below are in pdf format, which means you will need
Adobe Acrobat reader (available free) to open them. When printing, you might wish to set your printer to landscape format and high-quality print mode. Print at 100% (full size). If you select "fit to page," the map size may be somewhat reduced.

blank outline maps from

Eastern Hemisphere map without political boundaries - 3.8MB

World map without political boundaries - 4.3MB

World map with political boundaries - 4.5MB

University of Texas maps

World political map in color with countries identified - 2MB

1598 map of the world -361k

The Muslim world with Sunni and Shi'a areas identified - 2.4MB

additional maps: click here

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